Christmadan Party

Nope… not a spelling error!  We had a lovely Christmadan Party this weekend!

What is it?  Easy!  It’s a Christmas Party held in Ramadan.  It’s not as disrespectful as it sounds!

Expats often hold Christmas parties half way through the year.  I don’t know why.  It just happens!  Anyway, this year it happened to fall during Ramadan.  Expats often host gatherings in their homes in Ramadan.  Also, expats also host parties during the super hot summer months.  Add all this together, and you get Christmadan!

(Confession:I wasn’t clever enough to think of this word-smurge (smush and merge – that one is mine!), so thank you to my brilliant Ace Girl for letting me borrow it!!)

It all started when my fabulous friend K hosted a Christmas party in December.  She catered it so well that no one had room for the Christmas Pudding.  Thankfully Christmas puddings do last forever, so she decided that a summer Christmas party was in order!  We didn’t go as far as having Christmas music, but for the next one I think that should happen!!

This time it was ‘just’ drinks and nibbles, after sundown of course.  There was:

– a cheese board, with cold meats and pate;
– pigs in blankets and sausages with yummy mayonnaise based dips;
– sausage rolls, spring rolls and chicken nuggets;
– caprese salad;
– chips and dips;
– humus and breads;
– and a bunch more stuff that I can’t remember now!

(It was British style party food, with a hint of Arabic and Mediterranean thrown in for those of you that thinks the menu sounds a little strange!!)

Slight problem again with the catering though… there was so much that no one had room for the Christmas Pudding again!

Roll on next week when “Christmadan, The Sequel” happens!

(Perhaps I will remember to take pictures this time too!)

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