Healthy & Delicious Take Out

That’s right… it can happen!

How? Kcal, that’s how!

Today is a hungry day for me.  Probably because my brain knows that for pretty much the next 3 days, I won’t be able to eat.  Naturally, as my last proper meal, I wanted something that was healthy, fresh and balanced.  And a little treat on the side, of course!  There is only one place that I know you can do that, and it’s Kcal.  It’s awesome!

Kcal is a genius brand for so many reasons…

1.  All their food is fresh and natural.  No nasty e-numbers or preservatives to be found.

2.  It’s all calorie counted so you know what you’re eating.

3.  The menu has comprehensive food allergy advice.

4.  It tastes awesome!

Today I had “Meatballs with Zoodles”, which are noodles made with zucchini/courgette.  It was 284 calories.  I had a side salad which is 30 calories, and a order or sweet potato for 128 calories.  I am too full to even finish the whole thing, let alone hit up my sweet treat which is a chocolate and raspberry mouse at 150 calories.

My whole lunch, which I can’t finish because the portions are such a generous size, came to just under 600 calories.  As my main meal of the day, I really think that is very impressive!  In fact, dinner will probably be finishing my lunch!  Haha!

I have known about Kcal for an age, but never quite got around to ordering from them until one of my coworkers joined the firm.  He orders from them daily.  Quite literally.  It’s a fantastic way to see what is available and what is as good as it sounds!  I love the meatballs with zoodles, but my ultimate favourite is the wheat-less lasagne.  It tastes like a proper lasagne but it has aubergine/eggplant instead of pasta sheets.  Oh, and shout out to the Mexican chicken which is a spice bowl of heavenly goodness!

Kcal not only do this awesome delivery service (fast and efficient, and the staff are always so nice and friendly), but they do a proper full on monthly food service.  I don’t know the words to describe it quickly!  It is a service that you can have your breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to you daily.  It’s tailored to your specific dietary requirements and goals.  I love the idea, but am not sure they would be able to work around my issues with the diversity I need in my daily food intake.  Probably a good thing… you’d all get bored of the meal by meal blog updates!!!!  I would probably also miss cooking.  But from what I understand, it’s super reasonably priced and yummy!   Someone needs to give it a go and let me know!!

Thank you Kcal for a) feeding me good food, and b) giving me something non-contentious to write about today!!!

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