Cooking like Mama

Comfort food.

Your Mum does it better than anyone else on the planet. Have you noticed that? You can go to the beat chef types on the planet, but they still aren’t as good as your Mum.

That’s the case for me anyway. My Mum is an amazing cook. I literally don’t know how she does it. I have many of her recipes but they just never come out as good as hers.

Take cottage pie, for example. Simple, yes? Theory is there, but mine just fell very short of the Mother Mark.

That’s right… I cooked a pie the night before a 24hr food ban, knowing that the 48 hours after that I won’t feel much like eating either. Total waste of time and effort! But, cooking calms and centres me. Is anyone else like that?

Anyway, I of course tried it and much as it looked the part, it just didn’t taste it. It was nice and had the right idea, but it wasn’t a winner.

How do they do it? What is it that a Mum does that we can’t? Is it a shot you get when you have a child that means everything is going to be so much better than before?

I want to know the secret!

I also want to go back and live with my Mummy for the next few days and be taken care of! Damn expat life!!

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  1. Its just because Mum’s are made to be perfect, and better in every way…

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