Gents, where have you gone? 

It’s time to have another rant. Today’s subject: dating.

I don’t know why I have a bee in my bonnet today as I haven’t been asked out on a non-tinder date for a very long time, but even they are just ludicrous.

Where has the Gentleman disappeared to? I am a lady (most of the time – don’t count when I am hormonal and crazy please). I would like to be treated as such.

Why ask “Do you want to hang out?” This has numerous answers, including a) No, I have plenty of friends to hang out with; and b)  No, I like supportive and covering clothing.

Why not ask someone out properly? Is it really hard to say “I would like to take you out for dinner.” I know it’s a statement and not a question, but it’s nice, polite and also confident without being arrogant.

A caveat to that is the following: 

“Dinner?” is lazy and makes you sound arrogant. You are not James Bond. Just because you say one word doesn’t mean youre all cool and mysterious. It makes you come across as an arrogant jackass.

“Can I ask you to dinner?” is weak. You are asking if it’s ok to ask me to dinner. Be confident! If a lady is talking to you and interested enough to keep talking, then you know the answer is going to be a good one so man up and ask straight!

Suggesting your place for a first dinner date is sleezy. It doesn’t show off your cooking prowess. It’s telling me you have ulterior motives. Be respectful!

And, as a final point due to my rage subsiding, is there any reason no one turns up with flowers anymore?

I can’t speak for all women, but I can speak for myself and the girls I know. We miss romance. We miss being treated like a lady. We miss the small gestures like opening a door or holding out the chair.

We miss Gentlemen.

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  1. Sydney says:

    Don’t know what to say really, only to quote Bob Dylan, “The times they are a’changin'”.

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