Random thought…

The Daily Mail keeps telling me that people are models.  There is the girl who was 32 stone and lost half of that (bloody goody job to her, btw!), and now she is a model.  There is the pretty chick from Jeremy Kyle (who was attractive but not as pretty as the comparison against past guests leads you to believe), and she’s now a model.  They are two examples from today.  But literally every day there is a random in the papers that is now a model.  How?!  Who do they model for?  Why do we never see any of their portfolio.  Is this code for “unemployed” or something?  I just don’t get it!  I know some stunning girls who couldn’t get work as a model, so how are these people?  Or, are they less picky about the kind of modeling they do?  Whatever the reason, the Daily Mail is annoying the crap out of me with this.  Grr.

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