Pancake Problems

Yep… This is me…

There has been a lot of ranting on FB over the last few weeks about various topics that I haven’t got a clue about.  I know that should encourage me to go look things up and educate myself, but no!  It doesn’t work like that in my head!

This morning was the influx of Greek related posts.  I got nothing.  I made pancakes instead!

A little while ago, I saw on one of those Groupon type websites, a pancake pan.  It was such a genius idea!  Four little spaces for the batter and a flat top to put over them.  You just cook them for a moment on one side and then you flip them over, cook a little longer, and then slide them right on out of there!  And, for a bargain price of AED55!

I ordered it quicker than I could even think how amazing it was going to be!  Imagine… all those lovely same shaped pancakes.  My OCD breathed a huge sigh of relief at the idea of never again having difference sized pancakes on one plate.

Naturally, things didn’t go quite to plan.

This is the mess you can create on the stupid ‘easy to use’ pancake pan.  The top lid doesn’t actually meet the bottom pan, so it goes everywhere. 

Then there is the completely uneven cooking.  Burnt in the corners that sit on the heat, and raw in the opposite corners.

Then there is the ‘flip side’ which is not neat and looks like someone attacked them with a… I don’t even know!  Not the nice round pretty pancakes I was promised!  And despite moving the pan around, I couldn’t get them evenly cooked.

They also tasted like crap.  I will blame the gluten free mix for that.  I don’t know why I bother.  The pancakes I make from scratch using regular gluten free flour are always so much better.

There was only one thing to do to salvage this situation… Chuck the offensive pancake pan down the trash shoot, and add vast quantities of chocolate chips to the remaining batter.

They may have been wonky and they may have been fairly crappy still, but they were so much better than the original batch!!!

P.S.  Other things that don’t work which I had thought would revolutionise my kitchen life are:

1. The Veggetti – It’s meant to give you ribboned vegetables to replace pasta in dishes.  Fail.  It just wrecks them.

2. The Potato Mitt – You’re meant to roll the potato around in these gloves and it peels them perfectly.  Fail.  It just mutilates them.

3. Slap & Chop – It’s meant to dice your veggies in record time. Fail.  It just smushes them flat.

Please learn from my mistakes and don’t bother, people!

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  1. Only you would buy gloves for peeling potatoes… Have you ever…

  2. O my actual word, I had such a giggle now…

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