I have just read an interesting article in the Daily Mail from a lady who gave up coffee for the week.  Click here to read it.

She surmises that she isn’t addicted to coffee, but she that she just likes it.  Despite the fact she was eating more chocolate than normal, and on two occasions she ‘forgot’ and ended up drinking a coffee.  In a 7 day period.

Addiction is not just about a physical addiction, but a mental one too.

She is addicted.

However, this is a completely socially excepted addiction.  Can you imagine the looks you’d give an alcoholic if they confessed publicity and proudly that they couldn’t get going in the morning without their first shot of vodka, well double shot.  Or a smoker who can’t concentrate without a nicotine hit before they get to the office.

So, next time you want to tell me off about being a smoker, remember that I rarely smoke before 6pm.  Also, remember I do not drink caffeine, and haven’t for about 8yrs now.  Oh, and I don’t have refined sugars 9 days out of 10.

Leave me to my (average of) 5 cigarettes a day.  In peace.  Please.


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