As you know, I was crazy excited when my neighbourhood “local” reopened its doors this year. It used to be such a good place to be. I blogged up a storm about it (here) because I was so excited!

Not so much anymore.  However, I am not going to post a long whinge about the inept and somewhat rude staff, or the freezing aircon.

I want to tell you how good the food it’s when it eventually arrives (mostly) correctly!

Look at this plate of yumminess…

 Tenderloin steak, with mashed potatoes, and a red wine sauce.

If you aren’t too fussy about how your steak gets cooked, then you can really enjoy the beautiful flavour of the meat.  It really does, every time, hit exactly the right spot.  I don’t know how they season it, but it is seasoned and yet you can still taste the meat.  Its such a perfect balance!

I can’t say much about the rest of the menu because I only ever have the tenderloin, or the ribs (which, I’m sorry to say, are better at Claw but are still good here too), but what more do you need to say when the steak is so good!?

Oh yeah, also, the chicken wings are amazing!  I need some of those again soon!

On top of this, there is a Ladies Night!  For each lady going in on a Tuesday night, if she spends AED 50 on food she gets her dinner free!  There is of course a price cap on that.  It covers anything on the menu up to the value of AED 100 (or AED 120 – we’ve been told two different things in the last two weeks), or a couple of specials like the tenderloin.

Bargain and delicious!!  Awesome combination!  It’s enough to make you forgive them for everything else!

Nezzas, you may never be as good as you were pre-refit, but you still hold a place dear in our hearts!!

See you next Tuesday!

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