Pork Ribs and Margaritas

I am not someone who goes out all the time.  I like to stay home and cook or bake, and watch tv.  That is how I relax and and I am very happy with being a borderline hermit!

Thursday nights are especially ‘indoorsy’ for me.  I made it through the week.  I want to enjoy my weekend.  And, I am no longer in my 20’s!  It’s no longer “girls night” as Friday nights always were.  If there is wine consumed, its a glass and not a case.  I am happy with that.  I can’t bounce off the hangovers like I used to!

There is pretty much only one place that will make me change my mind and get ready at a speed to put Clark Kent’s transition to shame.


This is one of the strangest places in Dubai and I love it.  It has amazing food and drinks.  Super friendly staff.  A completely eclectic music selection.  Customers representing every corner of the globe.  And pork ribs.  Yes, that’s right.  Pork!

Honestly, if you are a pork eater, you need to try these.  They are tender and fall off the bone.  The JD BBQ sauce is just the right mix of sweet, spicy and sticky.  For me, the half rack is more than enough.  I can’t do any more.  I would love to, but my stomach has sadly not got the capacity, no matter how hard I try!

This time we also tried out the Buffalo Shrimp.  Oh my word.  They are divine!  Battered jumbo prawns smothered in hot sauce, served with a blue cheese dip that is actually really good!  I am generally not a fan of anything blue cheese, so it’s a huge compliment!!  They are not for the weak of palette though.  They are super hot, and if you’re not good with spice, then you’ll burn your whiskers!  My mouth is watering while I type!  I need them again!

There’s not much else to say really.  Well, I can’t think of it anyway because I am too busy thinking about the ribs and the wings.

Have some pictures instead!!!

Bubbles and smokes!  Great way to start!

The XXRita – a passion fruit margarita with a bottle of beer in.  I don’t know why either.

It is a “unique” taste!!

Buffalo Shrimp.  To die for.

JD Pork Ribs with coleslaw and a decent amount of french fries!  Yay!
Do yourselves a favour and head down there ASAP! It’s not going to be a disappointment, and you’ll find yourself going there rather than couch surfing too!

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