On Thursday night, somewhere after the third glass of bubbles, I had to say goodbye to one of my nails.  This may not be a big deal to many of you, but it is HUGE to me.  I have just spent three months growing them out after a disastrous manicure, and they were back to long and strong and perfectly shaped.  Then one was gone.  The middle one, which made me chuckle!  Not only was it broken though, it had been bent back so far that it had broken half way down the bit that is still attached.  (Is there a name for that?)  Any woman who has ever done similar will now have tears in their eyes at the memory of the ridiculous amount of pain this causes.

All was not lost however.  It may have bent and torn, but it was still attached enough to be able to save.  When I say save, I don’t mean keep the long nail and put a layer of glue over the top or anything.  I mean, cut off as close to the finger as you can, and then paint with a really thick colour to seal it in a bit while it heals.

So that’s exactly what I did.  I cut all my other nails down (but not completely off because i literally can’t do a thing with no nails) and had a lovely Friday afternoon giving myself a mani/pedi!

I think I have become a bit too Dubai though because despite having an extensive nail varnish (OPI) collection, I never paint my own nails anymore.  That needs to stop.  I actually really enjoy it and find it therapeutic.

So this time I chose a glittery bluey purple colour, called Can’t Let Go by OPI.  It’s fun and exciting, and would look really dumb on long nails so this is the perfect time to use it.  I think it may be it’s last usage though… it had gone a bit thicker than it should be.  Sad, but it happens with the glitters.  I even had to chuck out OPI’s Glitterball which was my favourite.  (If you see it in Dubai or London or Johannesburg, please pick it up and I will reimburse you when I see you!)

It made me think though… is it appropriate for an office environment?  An ex boyfriend of mine was horrified at some of my nail varnish choices.  He really despaired of anything that was bright pink or had glitter.  I don’t see the harm though.  I am non-client facing and it doesn’t alter my ability to do my job.  Actually, I type faster when my nails are this short.  Don’t tell anyone though because I am growing them back out just as soon as I can!!!

What do you think….

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  1. Ren says:

    The bit attached is called your nail bed, and next time, you can save your nail by using a tea bag… I have saved many a nail this way, not my own though… LOL!!
    When you’re out we can break another nail and I’ll show you how to do emergency nail repair using a tea bag…

    1. LOL!! Thanks for the offer my lovely, but I am having nice nails when I come to visit so I will pass on the breaking them thing!!

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