Posh Burgers

You know how I wrote a love note to Claw the other day, and said how I don’t like going out on Thursday nights?  Yeah, well, Saturday nights are the same.  I generally am shattered from Friday’s activities, and sorting myself out for the week ahead.

(Writing this blog is actually highlighting that I need to get a life fairly swiftly!)

Anyway, this weekend I had a friend in town, and so Saturday night saw me leaving the comfort of my couch, and heading off to The Ivy for dinner.

For those of you who don’t know, The Ivy is originally a posh restaurant in London where celebs hang out and get papped coming and going from all the time.  I haven’t been there.  Dubai has the second one.  I am not sure if they have any celebs, but it’s in Emirates Towers which is nice!

It’s decor is very upper class English, and its a hugely relaxed atmosphere.  The staff are not only friendly, but really know their stuff.  The barman managed to pick a really good wine for me, despite me not really using my words properly!  There is music which is perfectly balanced with the atmosphere so I couldn’t tell you what it was, but I do know that it really added to the ambiance.  Aside from the drunk lady that was proving how flexible she was by putting her leg up over her head, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this restaurant.  In fairness, it was funny as hell (and I was jealous that an old chick had such good legs) but the poor chap who was looking after us was mortified and apologised profusely!

Anyway, back to topic… I have been lucky enough to eat here on a number of occasions, and I would love to be able to wax lyrical about the menu and all the different lovely things to eat, but I can’t.  I always have the same thing!

My menu item of choice is The Ivy Burger with Welsh Cheddar and Dingley Dell streaky bacon.  The best part is that they have really good gluten free bread and so they make it into a sandwich for me so I can pick it up and eat it properly!  Messy, but so exciting!

Next time I go, I promise that I will try (to try) something new!

My friend had the deep fried haddock with minted pea puree (funnily enough, I didn’t try the peas!) and said it was the best “fish and chips” ever.  Good to know!  It was also not a fish by the way, it was a whale!  Absolutely huge serving!  I didn’t take pics of that plate as you have to draw the line somewhere, but here are a few of other stuff….

 Got to have a good read of the available beverages!

I think everyone takes this picture when they arrive!

Bread and Spanish wine.  Yum!

My burger, minus the ‘lid’ so you can see the yummy bacon!

 And a close up so you can appreciate the beauty!

This place honestly gets 10/10 from me.  It’s a little more expensive than normal, but entirely worth it.  An American recently said to me it was one of their favourite restaurants because ‘the food was so good – which you can’t often say for British food’.  I agree entirely.  It really is the Best of British!

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  1. Colin Murdoch Studio says:

    There’s one in LA too…ridiculously expensive and a bit snobby with ladies that lunch picking at salad leaves (it is LA after all) but the food was good (even if I did only have something and chips…can’t even remember what now!) 🙂

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