Typing & Eating

Because that’s what you do when you have one of the best lunches you’ve ever had from a “sandwich bar” type place!

Thank you to Pret to Go from your very new but very happy customer!!

This morning was not a good morning for me on the getting ready front.  In fact, it’s a miracle I made it to work ahead of time.  Possibly due to the taxi driver who thought he was on an F1 track.  I digress… so this morning I grabbed some left over steak from last nights dinner, and a banana, and ran out the door.  I’m not convinced I have actually brushed my hair today.  Bother.

Come lunch time, I have a rumbling tummy and an intense desire to eat something tastier than the rubbish that’s available in my building.  So, off I jolly to DIFC to explore their options.  I do have to say though, Pret to Go was on my list of places to look around as my super healthy colleague gets his lunch/afternoon snacks from there a lot.

I am soooo pleased I followed his lead.  Look at these little pots of yumminess…

So, the one on the left is “Chicken Protein Pot”, and the one on the right is “Avocado Guacamole”.

And look at the pretty insides…

(I had to remove over half the chicken so you could see what’s underneath!)

The Chicken Protein Pot consists of: corn-fed chicken, edamame, parsley, tomato salsa and quinoa hummus.  I think it said on the label in the shop it was 180 calories, and it was a very good AED 25.

But, looking at the teeny pot, I didn’t think it would be very filling so I got the avo guac too.  It consists of a lot of avo,  tomato, cilantro (but thankfully not an over powering amount), shallots, corn, jalapeno, lime and mint.  If memory serves, which is only vaguely possible, it is 220 calories and AED25 too.

I would like to say right now… I was wrong.  I am not going to get through half of these little pots.  One would have been perfectly adequate.

The chicken pot is goooooood.  I didn’t know you could make hummus with quinoa, but that’s now on my recipe search list.  The chicken is tasty, fresh and cooked properly.  The salsa is zingy but in a way that goes with the garlicy hummus, and well, what’s not to love with edamame?!  I am either going to have to recreate this at home, or my lunch bills just increased!

The guac is equally as good.  I like having the chunk of the corn in it.  It doesn’t make you feel so bad that you’re not eating it with nachos!  It’s smushed but not to a purée, and none of the flavours are individually over powering.  I haven’t even pulled the “ugh… cilantro tastes like Fairy Liquid” face yet!

Honestly, this is one of the best lunches I have had in an age.  I don’t tend to go out for lunch that often as with the over pricing and lack of choice for people with food allergies, it’s just not worth the stress.  Now though, I have Pret to Go!  Yay!

Oh… I nearly forgot… They have gluten free brownies, gluten free muffins, and gluten free pizza on offer!  I am obviously feeling very proud of myself for resisting it all.  Probably won’t be able to for long, but today I won!!!

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