Greek Quinoa

Have you tried Quinoa yet?  If not, you really should!

Quinoa is a gluten free “ancient grain”.  It is a really good source of protein, fiber and iron.  It has a bunch of essential amino acids, which are great for weight loss.  It’s also super trendy at the moment for some reason.

I am not jumping on the band wagon though.  I’ve been eating it for years… but only when people have been making it for me.  I am dreadful at cooking rice and pasta (I don’t know why either), so I just knew I would screw this up if I tried too!

This week I got brave though and cooked it myself!  See…

Ok, so as you can see, that’s not just straight quinoa.  That would be too ‘blah’ to eat!

Greek Quinoa

1 cup uncooked quinoa (I used red)
Red, yellow and orange pepper/capsicum
Feta cheese
Cherry tomato
Greek salad dressing

1. Cook your quinoa as per the instructions on the box as it varies quite a lot for some reason.
2. While cooking the quinoa, dice a selection of peppers/capsicum.  My preference is red, orange and yellow.
3. When the quinoa is cooked, immediately mix in the peppers and return the lid.  Do not put back on the heat though!
4. When it’s cooled slightly, add some Greek salad dressing and mix well.
5. If Cooking it to have as lunch the next day, portion up when it’s cold.
6. Just before eating, chop the feta, tomato and cucumber, and mix well.
7. Plate and serve!
I know it’s not a hugely imaginative recipe, but it’s my first attempt and it was delicious!  I had some left over bacon which I crumbled over one of them too.

I am looking forward to what else I can do with quinoa!

Yay me!

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