Moo Moo, Cowboy

Well, I guess it should actually be “Boo Boo, Cowboy”.

It’s with quite a sad heart I write this post.  One of my favourite places in Dubai has changed.  I’ve thought long and hard as to whether to post this or not, but I have decided I will (obviously) because this is my little mental bolt hole and I can write what I like!  I just don’t want to offend anyone, so, sorry in advance.

I went back this weekend to Perry & Blackwelders in Madinat.  I had been looking forward to it all week.  Amazing food.  A good mix of old and new country.  Alcohol.  Oh, and there’s a lovely new manager there who I know from his time at his last job.  Hoorah!

The food was AMAZING.  It doesn’t get any better in Dubai.  The brisket was both dry but oily and soft (and had the beautiful smoke ring that makes your mouth water just seeing it!), the coleslaw was perfection, and the potato salad was zingy and fresh.  I had to really push myself to finish.  I didn’t make it.  I am going to have to try harder next time.  It was just so good!

But, the food was only half of the attraction for me.  I loved the music and the atmosphere.  It’s gone.  The music is more ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ with a little country mixed in.  Thankfully I knew the band had gone before I got there or I would have been crazy disappointed.

The old P&B’s was VERY American and therefore the perfect antidote for Dubai.  It wasn’t fancy and fussy.  It served bloody good food, and had a vibe that was different from anywhere else. So many people have been and said how much unexpected fun it was, and how it was so refreshing to forget where you were.

It just doesn’t feel that way now.  What set it apart is that it was unashamedly Southern.  Now it’s just another American style food place.  We have hundreds of those here.

Now, I’m a country music fan – preference to the “new” but love the old stuff too.  I am no doubt judging it so much harder than someone who hates country.  For example, my best friend is WAY more likely to go there now.  She absolutely hates country music!

Chef Lawrence is still the Pit Master and he is still cranking out amazingly good brisket, ergo it’s worth a visit.  Personally though this is somewhere I will nip in for a bite to eat and then either go home rubbing my overly stuffed tummy on the couch, or head to a bar to dance off the evening’s excessive calorie intake.

(And I forgot to take a photo of the brisket as I was too busy diving in face first!)

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