Thinking out loud…

Let me start by saying how shocked and saddened I am with the recent troubles in Paris.  Daesh (yes, I am now calling them this after an incredibly though provoking piece in the international press about linguistics – here) are evil.  There are no two ways about it.

I was also sad to read about the bombings in Lebanon.  I swear this world is about to implode some days.  It’s scary stuff.

(For those of you who don’t read the news properly, the Kenyan University shootings which killed 147 people actually happened in April of 2015.  Doesn’t make it any less wrong, but it is being used as a tool to try and paint the mainstream press as horrifically racist for their Paris coverage.  I agree it should have been reported in April.   Maybe it was and we just can’t remember?  Either way, it was not this weekend just gone which is why it wasn’t as wildly discussed on the news.)

However, is anyone else sick to the back teeth of hearing about it on the news?  Is there nothing else going on in the world?

What I categorically cannot stand though are all the videos emerging of ‘their last moments’.  I do not think that it is appropriate for these to be broadcast at all.  It’s not in public interest to see fear and bloodshed.  It’s just sensationalism.  It is being used to shock and to stir up emotions in order to create more problems and divisions.  I also think it’s incredibly disrespectful to the dead/murdered.  In the same vein, I don’t want to see photos of blood soaked floors.

I don’t have much of a point here really.  I just wanted to say that I don’t want to see stuff like that, and also, that there must be more news in the world other that the terror attacks in Paris and Charlie Sheen’s HIV status.

Speaking of Mr. Sheen… I feel sorry for him on one hand, and potentially disgusted with him on the other.

Although HIV isn’t the guaranteed killer it once was, it is still not going to make for an easy life.  Your immune system is compromised.  It is going to be a long road.  There is also living with the stigma.  That’s not nice.  People judge and they jump to conclusions.  However, if he has been having unprotected sex with women without disclosing his status, I believe he should be charged with attempted murder.

Since they are pretty much the only two things going on in the news that I can see, you are spared another few badly articulated thoughts/opinions!!

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