Cape Town Trip!!

As you may know, or have worked out already, my best friend and I decided to nip down to Cape Town for a few days.  It was so much fun.

I just wanted to share a couple of photos taken from the plane on the way there.  I managed to sleep for the first hour or so, thankfully (damn 6.30am flights) but when I woke it was just in time to get to the interesting mountains and clouds.

Shout out for a moment to the very lovely and well mannered teenage boy who switched seats with the Crazy English Tannie so she could take the following pictures to share with you!!

We flew with Mango who are a budget airline.  The cost was approx R1,500 for a return.  We took the first flights of the day both ways and even at that time, the staff were friendly and nice.  Also, the plane was clean.  The captain did a marvelous job of landing in thick clouds, and when he kangaroo’d it a little on landing, apologised profusely.  It wasn’t a problem at all, but I thought it was very a very nice and polite thing to do.  Top marks Captain Kangaroo!!!

Here are a couple of favourite photos:


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