Olive & Twist, Roodepoort, Johannesburg

It was a beautiful day in Jo’burg, and we decided that lunch outside was the order of the day.  Not only that, but we didn’t want to be in a mall or on the edge of a car park.  We wanted fresh air and greenery.

That’s when my friend came up with Olive & Twist.

Situated in a random little area, it really doesn’t look all that from the outside.  Its a bit overgrown and worn looking.

As you walk onto the stoop and wait to be greeted by the very friendly staff, you forget that you’re in Jo’burg and start to unwind.  You stand overlooking a very overgrown but strangely beautiful garden, and because it’s overgrown, it buffers out the sound of the roads and all you can hear are the (mostly) quiet conversations of other diners.

This city girl was very amused to see chickens and roosters walking around.  There is also rumour that there are rabbits and guinea pigs that roam around freely.  I am fairly pleased I didn’t see those.  Not my favourites!!

Their salads may be though!

I had  grilled chicken pieces with avo on a bed of fresh greens with crisp slices of apple and Danish feta.  Albert had a leafy green salad, topped with crumbled blue cheese and beef biltong.  We don’t actually know what the salad dressing was, but it was very nice!

I really do love South African salads.  I don’t think you get them quite as good anywhere else.  I would have never been brave or inventive enough to put fruit in with a regular salad, but for the second time that week, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it works.  Another one that I am going to try to recreate!

My salad was R59 and Albert’s was R69, which I think is a very reasonable price for such a well portioned and tasty meal.  There was no room for coffee or pudding once it was done, which is rare!

The only think I would say is that they could really do with replacing some of the tables outside.  They have gone beyond rustic, and crossed into the dark side!  They are a bit stabby and wobbly, which isn’t a fabulous combination.  But, once you have found a good way to sit, and that food is in front of you, you don’t much care!!

Thank you Oliver & Twist for continuing my good food finds!!

Biltong & Blue Cheese Salad

Chicken & Avo Salad

The Olive & Twist “pet”!
Happy after a lovely lunch!

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