Sooooo Messed Up

Sorry… this is totally not a “holiday diary” post, but a “rant and rave” post.  I am mad and need to get the words out my head asap!

I’ve been reading the Daily Fail Mail today and there have been a few stories that have made me cross.

Firstly, a man has been cleared of rape at Southwark Crown Court.  He told the judge he may have accidentally penetrated the victim when he tripped and fell.


The judge needs to be suspended pending full investigation.

The jury also needs to be investigated for a) being mentally unfit to understand basic principals of law, and b) being paid for a ‘no guilty’ verdict.  One of the two has to stand up.

There needs to be a full judicial review.  But of course there won’t because it’s England and our courts are becoming a joke and a disgrace.

If you read the comments regarding this, you will find that many people have the same feelings as I do towards this.  I doubt you will find anyone (aside from the defendant) who would disagree.

But then you get the story about a chap who woke to find a stranger performing an oral sex act on him.  He had believed it was his girlfriend until he opened his eyes.  It wasn’t.  It was a random chap that they had befriended during their night out.

That is rape.  So why do so many people find that amusing?  People are cracking jokes all over the place about it.  It’s shameful.  That poor man.  I really don’t get it.

Then there is the story that is causing absolute moral outrage.  People are calling for a photographer to lose her business for taking the most offensive photo which depicts (including but not limited to), misogyny, sexism (yes, they are different things), abuse – spousal and child, and borderline slavery.  According to those in outrage.

What has caused all this?  A photo taken for an annual holiday card.

The wife and daughters had tape over their mouths and fair lights over their wrists.  The son had a gleeful look as he gave the thumbs up to the camera.  The father had a similar expression and was holding up the sign “Peace on Earth”.

I’m sorry, but I think it’s amusing!  My father continually used to ask for peace, and bemoaned the fact that even the cats were female.  I am sure it’s the same in that family – only the father has the son to escape with!

So basically, a dumb photo taken for a Christmas card is reprehensible.  Performing fellatio on an unconscious man that you don’t actually know is amusing.

WTF?  Seriously?  Ugh.

Daily Fail Mail readers are getting worse and worse.

P.S.  I would like to say that I read it mostly for the celeb pics.  If I want a serious read, I will go to The Times.  Some days though I just want to have words fall into my head without thinking, so pick something that is purposely written for people whose reading comprehension age is about 12 yrs old.

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  1. Yeah seriously this world is screwed up!

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