La Motte, Franschhoek

We backtracked a little in order to have a look around a beautiful vineyard called La Motte.  We had originally been heading there for breakfast, but apparently that’s only a weekend thing.

 You just can’t go wrong with the natural beauty and stunning architecture in this region.  It was beautiful.  Statue as you go in, to the little bridge over the brook.

It’s beauty was somewhat ruined by the napping German family laid out in the courtyard, but you do have to forgive them a little if they are not wine drinkers and have been on a view tastings!!

(Showing odd my lack of strath photography skills there, me thinks!!)

We apparently needed a break from the wines at this point, so instead we just had a nice little look around… and I went into my first wine cellar!

It was huge.  You have to remember that I am 6ft tall (and was wearing travelling clothes because I hadn’t realised that I wasn’t going to get time to change!) so you can see the size of these huge barrels!  I always imagined them to be smaller, but I guess it makes sense that they are bigger when they are making their wine to ship not only locally and globally!

After that, we peered through the windows at the “wine making machines”.  Yep.  I have no idea what they actually do.  They just mean wine happens.  I am a huge fan.

Not long after we left La Motte, tragedy struck.

A fully loaded lorry of wine tipped and smashed quite literally ever bottle.  I’ve never seen such devastation.  Nor do I want to again.  A sad day.

Please spend a moment thinking about all the grapes that didn’t fulfill their destiny that day.

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  1. Erica Mary Eleanor says:

    More beautiful scenery. I got to visit the Guinness beer factory in Dublin once, your winery photos reminded me of that! 😉 (my only trip into an alcohol factory!) I’m not s huge drinker.. I just started to appreciate a glass of wine now and again. I am a huge novice wine drinker 😉

    1. The Guinness brewery was my first trip too! And congratulations on just taking up wine. It’s a fun journey! You should keep your ears open for some tastings locally. It’s so much fun to try things you wouldn’t normally, and learn about the different grapes 😊

  2. Jill Barth says:

    Gorgeous place!

    But that wine, dear me.

    1. In that case, I’m glad we skipped it!!!

      1. Jill Barth says:

        Well, I meant that big spill! I can’t believe it!

      2. Haha! With you now! It was a very sad sight indeed!!

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