Roca, Dieu Donné Wine Estate, Franschhoek

After a lovely breakfast at Cafe Franschhoek and a slow amble around the town to take a multitude of photos of the pretty scenery, we headed off for a little drive along the residential streets behind the main road.  It is much quieter and the houses are gorgeous!  I was too busy looking everywhere to take any photos, but it was absolutely beautiful.
Tannie was taking us to one of her favourite places in Franschhoek, a restaurant called Roca.

Given we had just had breakfast, we didn’t need to be fed again but a nice glass of wine over looking the scenery would be a good start!

And what a good start it was.  The most incredible panoramic view of the vineyards and mountains.  Just absolutely breathtaking.  I can’t do it justice with words, so instead I will just add photographs.


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  1. Erica Mary Eleanor says:

    Ahh, That looks so beautiful! Sorta feel like I can smell the fresh air through the photos!

    1. I know what you mean! I can feel the sun on my skin again just looking at them!!

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