Charly’s Bakery, Cape Town

I think I’ve seen every single episode of Charly’s Cake Angels ever made, so naturally it was on my Cape Town list.

I shouldn’t have bothered.

Charly’s Bakery always looks so nice and friendly and yummy.  In actual fact, the staff are monosylabic and fairly rude.

The area is grotty.  It’s not “urban” or “artisan” or any other words for “gentrified” which make me sound cooler than I actually am.  It’s just grim.

And the view of the mountain isn’t as cool as you’d imagine either.

Basically, unless you’re an UBER fan then don’t bother.  It’s a huge let down.  Granted, the cakes are pretty but living in Dubai you see that kind of standard on a regular basis so it’s nothing to get hugely excited about.

This stop of the CT-Tour was the only one that made me sad.

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