When your friendship means nothing…

Don’t you just hate it when that happens.  You amble along through life thinking that someone has your back and then poof, suddenly that person has gone.

I have been through this recently.

My so called ‘best friend’ whom I have been exceptionally close with for 5yrs, despite her numerous disappearings when she gets a new chap or an exciting new friend/group, “dumped” me.  Apparently we have just grown apart, and although once she would have fought that, it’s now just not worth it.

That’s nice.  5yrs of friendship is worth fuck all.

You know what though.  She is actually right.

I may not have seen this coming.  I may not understand it.  I may not have chosen it, initially, but someone who treats me like that isn’t worthy of my friendship.  They aren’t worthy of being a part of my life.  Not worthy of having my trust and confidence.

It may have taken me a little time but I see it now.  She did me a favour.  The trash took itself out.  I am now one lest negative burden heavy.

So thank you.  And goodbye.

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