I am very excited to announce that I got my first Smile Box when I was in South Africa!

I have seen this all over social media, but because the box has wine, it can’t be shipped to me in Dubai.  Boo.  It’s got so many yummy goodies that I would otherwise!

The idea is that for a monthly subscription, you get sent a box of treats.  There are boxes aimed towards men or women, or just a general one.  I was lucky and got the Christmas one!  I am hoping to get one each time I am over… hint, hint!!

This is honestly such a genius idea that I don’t understand why there isn’t one in Dubai.  Ok, so they would have to leave the wine out but still!

Look at all my swag!!!!!!!


(Sadly, I didn’t have room in my case for everything.  I did manage to munch my way through a large selection though!!)



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