Dinner Chez Ian

After a full afternoon of eating our way around Johannesburg, I naturally needed more food!  So, my lovely friend Ian cooked us the best nachos I’ve had in an absolute age!

I think the tell of a good chef is when you can make something simple but so good.  Anyone can fancy up a dish to a certain level.  Only a few can make them esquisit, but even less with that level of talent can still make good every day food.

Ian can.  Very much so.

I don’t have much to say really because I don’t know how he made them!  I was happily sitting and chatting with my lovely best friend who had missed the food day due to work commitments.  Mind you, he’s so uninterested in food anyway, I’m not sure he was all that bothered anyway!

P.S.  Homemade salsa and guac too!  Yummo!

Homemade – except the sour cream of course.  That came out of a nice tub!


Look at all that lovely cheese!

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