Hudsons’ The Burger Joint, Parkhurst, Johannesburg

Or… Foodie Fun Day Stop 2!

Thankfully it was a bit of a drive between 44 Stanley and Parkhurst, and we also started our second stop at the far end of Parkhurst.  Well, it seemed the far end from where we came in!

Hudsons’ The Burger Joint is famous for it’s burgers (funnily enough!), but we were a little bit full from the sausages and chips still.  Oops.  We really wanted a burger, but it just wasn’t happening at all!

We scoured the menu and then my eyes fell onto a pulled pork taco!  There is no bad in that at all.  It had to be done.  Also, it was two pieces so we could happily share rather than further stuff ourselves.  It was a marathon and not a sprint, after all!

Amazing.  Good strong flavours.  Proper sour cream.  Pork.  Delicious!  Shame I had to share!!

We needed to remember where we had been, so came up with this ingenius way!


And then another great way!


And then the tacos arrived…




Never going to be ‘date night’ food!


So naturally photos were taken!




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