Love in a Box!

On top of a wonderful (if rather alcohol saturated) day with my best friend, (explanation here) the lovely Ian came to join us and bought me a gift from The Counter, of which he is the co-owner!

Amongst (is that a real word or did I just make it up?) a whole host of amazing sounding things they do (including getting the ‘Royal Nod’ from Prince Harry at a function they were catering!!) they create Love Boxes… a box  filled with sweet treats!  I may have sampled a few bits while I was there, and he tailored a box just for me!

Surprisingly arty shot from me at this point!
Love in a Box

It had his famous and beloved White Chocolate Fudge, and also his Mint Aero Marshmallow!

It didn’t even last a week!  I should be embarrassed, but…

I am not a huge fan of ‘sweets’.  I am more a savory or chocolate fan really.  But, as you do when meeting someone new, you try whatever you are offered and smile sweetly.  I think the fact that I nearly orgasm-ed when I had my first bite of the fudge proved that I was no longer in the polite zone.

It’s sweet, but not overly so.  It’s creamy but not chewie.  It’s not that horrible crumbling type either.  It just melts on your tongue and warms your heart with home made goodness.  I am really not exaggerating.  I bought it home and had to hide it from The Boy as he was just as addicted from the first bite too!

People of Johannesburg… do yourself a favour and go find The Counter at a food market type place.

Or, do yourself a MASSIVE favour and just order yourself a Love Box.  I absolutely promise that you won’t be disappointed!

Now your have their social media info!!


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  1. aww looks nice. always love gifts in boxes. opening it is part of the fun 🙂

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