Nice on 4th, Parkhurst, Johannesburg

“Nice” just is the wrong name for this bakery/bookshop.  It should be called “Amazing” or “Divine” or “Heavenly”.  “Nice” is thoroughly inadequate!

I always approach bakeries and cake shops with a bit of a sinking heart.  I know I am going to be disappointed.  I know that the lovely looking gluten free cake will have ground almonds instead of flour.

Nice on 4th however does it right!

They decidently rich and creamy and smooth chocolate cake was nut free AND gluten free!  It however looked every inch as rich as it was, so we were very thankful to have decided to share.  That said, as I sit here now, I wish I hadn’t as I could absolutely murder a slice of it now!

Honestly, this was THE BEST gluten free chocolate cake I have had in the 20yrs I’ve been avoiding wheat!

(Do you think they deliver internationally?!)

Another pic with a menu!


Simply perfection.


Check these cute little plates, now it’s been practically licked clean!

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