The Foundry, Parktown, Johannesburg

Our final stop of the day was at a lovely and popular restaurant called The Foundry.

I really liked this one!  It reminded me of a really nice gastro pub in London that I can’t remember the name of…. only cheaper and with much friendlier staff!

By this point we hadn’t eaten in about an hour so had a nice little gap for the munchies we were about to order.  And what a good thing too!  The menu had just too many things to chose from!

We “settled” with the Chorizo Bravas and the Soy Squid.  I am actually drooling as I type.  It was absolutely superb.  The only complaint I have is that the plates were not bigger!  Mind you, at the time, I was probably pleased they weren’t.

Aside from the gluten free chocolate cake from Nice on 4th which wins the best dish of the whole holiday, these were two of the best things I ate the whole time.  They were the kind of dishes that 3 months on, I can still remember the taste and texture of.  Absolute food heaven.

Although not as chilled out as 44 Stanley, this is somewhere that you could equally spend an afternoon on the terrace, watching the world go by as you nibble at tasty food and sample delicious wines.

Next year there will be more restaurants, therefore, more menu pics!


This is absolutely how to serve wine!


I really wish I could nip back tonight!


They were spicy and tender and… oh whatever… they were yummy as hell!


Glazed with honey so sticky and sweet and savory.  Heaven.

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