Cafe Habana Brunch

As I said in my last post (here), I am a foodie.  As such, my inner (and outer) foodie cried with disappointment about this brunch.  Ok, not literally, but I walked out before dessert which is the same thing.

I had spotted an offer on Groupon for Cafe Habana‘s brunch.  It’s one of those places I have been meaning to try forever but never get around to.  At AED 149 for brunch with booze, I figured it was too good of an opportunity to miss.

I was right and wrong…

Right, because had I had to pay any more for this meal I would have been very annoyed.

Wrong, because AED 149 was still too much to pay.  I guess that if you’d been drinking (I tried their nasty Cosmo and switched back to Diet 7up straight away) it may have been better.

The food was dreadful.  It’s a plated brunch, which is fine but there is no wiggle room to say that you don’t want things.  It’s all put into motion when you sit down.

We were served the driest nachos I have had in quite some time.  Followed by a taster plate for starters….  The chicken wings were overcooked and had an exceptionally hot sauce on them.  Great for me as I like hot wings, bad for anyone who don’t burn off half of their mouths’ spice sensors regularly.  A slice of vegetarian quesadilla and a slice of chicken quesadilla showed me where all the cheese from the nachos had disappeared to… the grease literally dripped out of them.  There was a mini burger – which was in a mini bun but just had a regular burger chopped into quarters and was also drowned in some form of McDonald’s tasting burger sauce. Finally there was the bowl of sweetcorn with a very mild Parmesan style cheese scattered on top.

I did eat this (well, not the corn as I couldn’t see the point), but then regretted it.  It was just too heavy and fatty.

Then came the main course.  There was a chicken thing, a prawn thing, a fish thing and a ‘Cuban sandwich’.  The Cuban was ok, but really was just a cheese and thin sliced beef sandwich with a wedge of pickle in.  I couldn’t tell you what the chicken thing was meant to taste like.  I am a bit embarrassed to actually admit this, but I literally spat out the fish because it was borderline under cooked, and just gave up on the prawns.  On top of the bland flavours, it was all cold.

At this point I called it and we walked out.

I honestly do not thing anyone who has had anything to do with the set up of Cafe Habana has ever had Cuban or Mexican food.  I know it was cheap but that is no excuse for food that would shame even low end Tex-Mex restaurants.

Never again.


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  1. O dear, that sounds bad! Haven’t been there before, don’t think it’ll be on my to-do list anytime soon. Good thing it wasn’t too expensive ay. Did you guys complain to the staff?

    1. We didn’t complain. There was no point. The staff were lovely and there is nothing they can do about generally rubbish food. Even if it had come out hot, it still would have been tasteless. Giving it a miss is a wise plan!

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