Celebrity Injunction

There is a bit of a scandal going on in the English and Welsh media at the moment because they are unable to name the husband of an aging singer super celeb as one half of a married couple in an open relationship, who had a threesome with another couple.

Firstly, no one really cares who sleeps with who.  Well, no one with an ounce of intelligence.  People like to gossip for sure, but when it comes down to it, it’s a real non-issue.

Secondly, I don’t understand why the media think they have a right to name the guy.  It’s not in the public’s interest.  It’s not earth shattering news.  The only thing it will do is show that this chap has a sex life outside his marriage which his husband knows about.

I slightly more understand why he wouldn’t want the press to publish his name.  No one wants to know about their parent’s sex life.  With two small children, I can imagine that he doesn’t want it out there for them to see when they are old enough to google.

Only they will be able to because it’s only England and Wales that are banned from printing the names, which is seriously outdated in the age of digital media.  Find out in one place, you can find out anywhere.

I rather think now that this looks way worse on the man.  It will come out because it always does.  And because there has been such a huge attempt to keep it a secret, naturally when it does come out, it will be even more of a story and will run for longer.

They say sorry seems to be the hardest word.  If, for whatever reason, this particular threesome would have hurt his husband, he probably should have just apologised and dealt with the fall out.  No one is surprised that this couple have an open relationship so that is all I can think of for the reason for the injunction.

Either which way… take note celebrities… injunctions are pointless.  Just say sorry and move on.  Or, and even better idea… don’t do shit that you need to cover up!!!


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