Dubai Roast Dinner Diaries – Part 1

The Boy and myself have decided that we need more roast dinners in our lives…

Ok, so that’s a lie.  I have decided that I need more roast dinner in my life, and he just has to deal with it!!

The realisation came when I bought all the bits to do a nice roast beef.  I prefer roasted veggies, and of course there had to be Yorkshire puddings.  Then I realised that the only thing I can fit in my stupid new apartment’s oven is the roasting pan.  While I can fit in a few veggies around the meat, I can’t do many.

I had a bit of a tantrum and vowed not to cook a roast dinner until we moved.  Yep.  I am a brat.  And I don’t care.  It’s the most ridiculously sized oven I’ve ever known and I hate it!  It also, as an FYI, has an uneven distribution of heat.  One corner incinerates whatever you’re cooking, and the other leaves it close to the same state it went in.

Anyway, enough bitching!

Roast Dinner No.1 had to go to Simon Rimmer‘s The Scene at Pier 7 in the Marina.

I am fan of Mr. Rimmer’s work (thanks to being introduced to him/it by his number one fan in Dubai!).  I have been very lucky and always had very good food.  Literally, no complaints (that I remember!), just good food and friendly service.  On top of that, a group of friends had been on New Years Day (best way to start a new year is a roast dinner!!) and ever since I saw the photographs I have wanted to go.

It absolutely and categorically did not disappoint!

Because we hadn’t eaten since an 8am breakfast, because it was nearly 4pm, and mostly, because I had a raging red meat craving, we upgraded with the additional meat option.  I am rather pleased we did.  It was so tasty that one hulking great big slice wouldn’t have been enough for me that day!

The meat was drizzled with a beautiful and light jus, and gravy (thankfully) came served on the side.  The gravy was also very good.  It wasn’t thick and stodgy and neither was it watery.  It was packed with flavour though, and really enhanced anything it touched!

It came of course with a Yorkshire pudding.  That thing disappeared in absolute record timing!  Not as good as my Mum’s still – but are they ever!?

Now… let me talk to you about the veggies…

How anyone can think that they are not a major component of the roast dinner, is completely beyond me.  They are just as important as the roast potatoes!!

Mr. Rimmer and his Team have, I wager, the best vegetables in town!

There was carrot and swede mash, cauliflower cheese, braised cabbage and roasted parsnips.  I also ordered on the side, which didn’t quite go with the rest but was delicious and I really wanted it, the beetroot and spinach in a balsamic glaze because I really really like it!

Well, it was just a flavour explosion.  It reminded me of the Sunday lunches we had as children.  It was really well done, proper English food.  Or British food if you want me to be all PC!!  It honestly was just perfection.

Thank you very much to The Scene for having such a delicious Saturday (Sunday) lunch/dinner option.  We will be back to try the chicken very soon!!

Pic 1 so you can see the beetroot and spinach dish too!


Pic 2 just because it was far too tasty to only have one photo!!


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