Dubai Roast Dinner Diaries – Part 2

Unintentionally, I found myself having another roast dinner this week.  That’s not even a lie in this weeks’ instance! (I’m sure it will be at some point!!)

We had been out pottering around all day, as we tend to at the weekends, looking for a specific shop on Beach Road.  We literally went from the docks up and down, and didn’t find what we were looking for.  (I did however see “Tony Stark House” which is as amazing as it is ghastly!)

As we were approaching the mid section of Beach Road (again) The Boy mentioned that he was getting hungry.  My brain automatically went to wondering where the closest roast dinner was, or how I would convince him to drive down to the Marina so we could have The Scene‘s roast chicken this week.

I sadly failed at the Marina visit, but did get the roast dinner nod!  He’s such a love!

I’ve heard a lot about the Dhow & Anchor at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and since we were so close, it was the winner!  I was a bit worried how it would stand up against last week’s roast though.  But, being the intrepid food taster that I am and knowing that I had stupidly put “Week 1” in the title of my blog post therefore creating an expectation of another installment, I selfless strode into the restaurant.

Thankfully they had space for us!  I hadn’t thought about that!!

We were seated and ordered our drinks, and they immediately gave us the most divine warm bread and butter.  Shame the sun was so unrelenting the butter melted in minutes, but equally, it was quite nice dunking it!  Yep… going to dieter’s hell!

There was only one option on the menu, in my mind, and that was obviously the roast beef!  It was a very busy day and it really did take a while to get to us, but it was worth the wait!

The beef was the most flavourful roast beef I have had in a very long time.  It was tender, perfectly cooked and just melted in your mouth.  Absolute top marks!

That was the only thing I preferred to the week before though.

The roasted veggies were very nice.  They had potatoes, carrot, parsnip, butternut and beetroot.  However, nothing was crispy.  Not bad for the rest, but not having a crispy roast potato is just sacrilege!

There was also a lovely, but incredibly small, portion of cauliflower cheese.  They had diced the cauliflower down which in itself I didn’t mind, but it would have been nice to have it chunkier and a little more.

There was a drizzle of gravy on the meat, but the majority was served on the side which is my preference.  I hate it when food is drowned in sauce.  Everything tastes the same and is all sloppy.  Blugh!

Yorkshire pudding however wasn’t good.  It was really overcooked and thin.  Just a bad combo.  I ate about half of it, but it just didn’t add to the overall experience so I gave up.  That made me a little sad, to be honest.

My sadness disappeared completely when the Eaton Mess was placed in front of us.  Oh my wow.  I really do not eat pudding very often, but Eaton Mess (along with Crème Brûlée, tbh) is my weakness and The Boy has discovered this and now uses it to his sweet toothed advantage!

It was soooooo worth the sugar rush!

The berry was really balanced against the dish.  I hate it with the fruit is all you can taste.  The cream was lightly whipped to perfection.  The meringues were crunchy and crumbly.  It honestly was one of the best I have ever had.

I would indeed come back to have another Eaton Mess roast dinner and dessert here, for sure.  I just wish there had been fewer ‘Dubai Wankers’ in the immediate vicinity.  Their one-up-manship style of conversation and ability to throw white wine down their throats whilst simultaneously showing off their (no doubt Karama stylie) Rolex, is as tedious as it is bewildering.  Bravo to the staff for working with them and not showing an ounce of frustration whilst the orders were being barked at them!!

Pic 1 – Very tasty roast beef and the teeny white dish with cauli-cheese!
Pic 2 – Absolutely stunning Eaton Mess which alone is a good reason to go at anytime!


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