Dubai Roast Dinner Diaries – Part 3

I honestly did not set out to make this a weekly thing!!

We had a nice (home-made) breakfast wrap before starting our pottering around this week, and it did get us further into the day than normal!  However, when hunger hit, it hit HARD!

As we were in Dubai Mall, the logical place for dinner that wasn’t a food court or mobbed with tourists 2 foot in front of you, was Souk Al Bahar, where Rivington Grill is situated.  Rivi (as some call it – not me but I’m bored of typing today!) also has a roast dinner.  What a coincidence!  Ok, that’s a lie!  I made a bee-line for the nearest place with roast dinners again!

We were given a lovely loaf of bread as soon as we sat down.  It was so good.  Fresh, fluffy and warm.  I would like some more right now, please!

Sadly, that’s where my excitement for the meal finished.  Wait… that’s wrong… it was beautifully presented!

The beef was so bland it could have been anything, which is really unusual for a bone on rib eye roast, not aided by being drowned in an nearly American style thick gravy.  The gravy had a nice flavour but as you may recall in my The Roast Diaries – Week 2, I hate sloppy food.

Veggies this wee were a whole carrot and a whole parsnip, sliced length ways and roasted.  3 roasted potatoes, or an attempt at roasted.  There was also a little pile of cabbage which was actually my favourite part of the meal.

Then there was the Yorkshire pudding which managed on the top half to be thin and overcooked, and the bottom half, thick and under cooked.

The best part of the meal, aside from the presentation and the bread, was the fact we had a voucher from The Entertainer so it cost AED 175 for two instead of the grossly overpriced AED 175 per person.  If it hadn’t been for that, I would have been very depressed about the whole thing.

But here, it really did look pretty!!

It makes me sad this was actually really average. I had such high hopes.


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