CATHARINA DE BLIQUY has just released a new collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you may know from my blog post “Catharina de Bliquy – Artist, Cape Town“, I am a very big fan of her work.  Her talent is just unparalleled because she puts every ounce of her beautiful heart into her work – be it sketches or her paintings.

This new release is mostly made of her sketches which is very exiting to me as they are my favourites.  I love her colour work, the intricate details alongside the shadow and light she creates with a pencil is where her magic lies – for me personally anyway!

That being said, I think it has excited a lot of people as 50% of the pieces sold in the first 24hrs which is amazing.  Thankfully I found about it in the first hour or so (thank you to my art-world friends/spies!!) so I was able to purchase my favourite…

Ms. de Bliquy started this piece with ‘Die Kleinpot’ (the one I bought at her exhibition in December) in mind.  That one hadn’t started off to be of pottery, but reveled itself through her sketching and bible verses, as I have written before.  It was something which she had very much enjoyed drawing, but she felt she hadn’t finished with pots yet.  She sat down to create another, and this is what flowed out of her pencil.  It wasn’t what she had envisaged or planned.  Nature’s beauty instead intertwined creating the pot.  They often hold things of such beautify that they are overlooked as a vessel.  The combination of both leads to this masterpiece.  I am so thankful that it’s mine!

Mine, mine, all mine!!!!


I also was incredibly lucky that, knowing how much I love Ms. de Bliquy’s art, I was fortunate enough time be given the opportunity to buy a second.  However, this one is very personal to the artist so I am not going to speak about it or put the copy out for the world to see.  I just want to say that I will treasure and look after this forever and always.  It will be at home with me wherever I am, and will be loved and cherished.  It’s my promise to her.

(All her work will be, of course! My art is very precious to me!  Just in case you were worrying, dear reader!!)

Now… This is where the news gets good for you people…there are still a few pieces left!!  I have copies of a couple of them, and you will see them below.  As before, if you are interested in purchasing any or seeing more of the collection, you’re more than welcome to contact me and i will pass on your details to her representatives.  There are more, so don’t be afraid to ask!

For the meantime, enjoy…

I don’t know why I am sharing this one with you… I am considering buying it.  It’s so pretty and unusual, and I love those very neat lines!
2016 – I’ve decided this is part of her Fairy series.  I don’t know if it actually is!

2016 also.  This one is very art deco in my mind.

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