ABC’s Nashville

I have too many words for Twitter!  I am absolutely devastated.  Ok, slight over exaggeration, but I am deeply upset!

The a-holes at ABC have cancelled Nashville at the end of this season.


Yes, it was bad.  Yes, it was corny.  Yes, they have somewhat lost the original spirit of the show.  But it was still good!  It was pure trash TV!  It had pretty people (mostly – I won’t miss Glen’s hair) and they had good music (if you like Country and almost Country) and story lines which you want to follow no matter how ludicrous.

Will Raynor and Deacan get over this latest mountain of an issue?  (I really hope so.  They are lobsters!)

Has Juliette really changed?  (Unlikely, but we still love her.)

Will Juliette and Avery ever reunite?  (I’m not sure she deserves him but I don’t like Layla.)

Will Layla make it through a day without crying? (Highly unlikely.)

What will become of Maddie’s career?  (She is the next Taylor, but will it be with Cash or Raynor’s help?!)

Will Cash and Frankie get their comeuppance?  (I really bloody hope so.  They deserve every ounce of it.)

Will Scarlet and Gunner ever stop fighting?  (The are the next Raynor and Deacon, minus the alcohol abuse.)

Will Will ever make it as the first outed gay country star?  (That would be nice but I think it’s fairly unlikely, although he will potter along nicely.)

Will Daphne completely eclipse Maddie one day?!  (I hope so.  She had such an under utilised role!)

See… There is so much left to answer, and only 2 more episodes to go.

ABC… you’re officially my least favourite network.  First GCB and now Nashville.  You are just plain mean.

(Although thanks for getting rid of that dreadful Autumn woman off my TV.  I didn’t like her one bit.)

I’m off to listen to Black Roses on repeat.

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  1. Bootrec says:

    Didn’t know Nashville got cancelled. I got hooked watching that show when it started, and I don’t even like country music. That show MADE me like country music in a way I didn’t think could ever happen. I really liked the story lines, and Will’s struggles and despairs are quite real for many in-the-closet gays. Remember the first episode of Scandal? Anyway, have let my PVR record most episodes this season for Nashville but I did watch a few… waiting for a long weekend to binge watch the rest. Will certainly miss the show… and that cast was top notched in my opinion.

    And GCB, I totally feel the same!! What a great show, Annie Potts is my fave. It was great to see her in a small role on House of Cards.

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