Product Placement

Have you ever watched a really popular show and noticed how many brands are visible? Everything from FedEx to Apple. They pay a huge chunk to the tv people (yeah, I have no idea who more than that) and their product is placed somewhere so that you subliminally think of them next time you want a new computer or a parcel couriered.

It’s kind of clever really, but it appears not to work with me more than counting how many global names I recognise.

No, what gets me is the food. I’m not talking about a particular soda or a type of coffee house. I mean actual food.

When I binge watched Scandal, all I fancied was red wine and popcorn. I don’t drink red wine and popcorn annoys my teeth with all the little bits, not to mention the fear of that unpopped kernel.

When I watched The Big Bang Theory, it was noodles. Well, Asian food generally. But modestly noodles.

Madam Secretary thankfully clashed with one of my diets, as they always had a huge bowl of strawberries in the kitchen.

Back to the Gilmore Girls (damn you Netflix for releasing all the seasons at once) and I want pancakes and burgers. And cake. Have you seen the beautiful creations that Sukie always has in the kitchen?

I need to start watching stuff like The Biggest Loser, or Bugs Bunny.

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  1. Lol on the Bugs Bunny comparison.. he he!

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