So-Good? So-Confused. So-Spa!

I decided that last weekend was going to be my treat weekend.  I had some yummy food delivered so I didn’t have to cook.  I had my hair done (which was also essential if you had seen my roots!).  I booked a massage.

As it was looking to be a bit of an expensive weekend, I thought I would be a little bit sensible and see what offers they had on Groupon.   There were a couple that sounded rather nice, but in the end, I thought I would try the newer of the hotels on the list in the Downtown area so I didn’t have to go too far.

Having now been, I am in two minds whether this was a wise choice or a let down.  Let me explain…

The massage was absolutely fantastic.  The therapist, Miriam, was incredible.  I had some doubts when she came over as I don’t think she would actually be allowed to ride all the roller coasters at a theme park, she was so tiny.  I’m 6ft tall, just so you can really understand why this could have been an issue.  I was entirely wrong though.  It was such a good massage.  I actually managed to fully relax, which is incredibly rare.

I highly recommend you ask for this lovely little lady if you go to visit. She is just fantastic.

Then there is the flip side.  My disappointment.

I arrived and the girl on the desk wasn’t entirely helpful.  She was polite enough, but it seemed an effort to show me around which is super helpful when you’ve never been before.

Then were the facilities.  They were perfectly clean but incredibly minimal.  There was also no where to sit and relax and let the oils soak into your skin properly, post-massage.

The changing area had one shower, one toilet and one changing room – which naturally someone had left all their clothes in despite presumably being given locker on arrival as I had been.

The sauna is out the other side of reception, and I think mixed.  The robes were so small (good luck even at a size 14 getting that comfortably around you), that there was no way I could have walked through and across to the sauna.  I had on a bikini, don’t get me wrong, but still.  I don’t want to be flashing myself around, thank you.  I couldn’t find a staff member to assist at that point, so couldn’t ask for a different/larger one.  In decent spas, you don’t need to ask.  They just discretely offer you one to minimalise potential embarrassment/flashing.

I couldn’t make the steam room work.  That could just be because I am dumb.

The towels were also really quite rough.

I know it’s only little things, but it really does change your view of a spa.  It is billed as being “state of the art” but I really don’t see how.

The music during the massage was perfection, but the strange phased lighting in pinks, greens and blues doesn’t really scream relaxation and tranquility.  I know my eyes are sensitive so maybe normal people wouldn’t have picked up on this, but I felt a bit like I was in a nail bar somewhere.  Even then I hate phased lighting.

The massage was excellent and I would go back for that, but only for that.  It would be because my muscles were tight and they needed loosening, not because I fancied a nice relaxing couple of hours at the spa.

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  1. O bummer! Is this So Spa at The Palm? Never been to that one before, it was on my to-go list though as the resort itself is so beautiful !

    Yeah, I had a not so great experience recently at Shine Spa… but really, just one shower, one toilet and one changing room, that sounds extremely small for such a nice hotel !

    1. It was the one in Downtown. I will update that now, thank you! What was wrong with Shine? I was looking at that one the other day as well.

      1. Ahh, the facilities just needed a bit of maintenance and also general housekeeping. I wrote about it last week I think! It’s the Sheraton on Szr.

      2. I missed that one! I’ll check it out 😊

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