“Previously on…”

Am I the only one who absolutely hates shows that start with the incredibly annoying “Previously on…” voiceover and scenes? I feel insulted. I do not have the memory of a squashed gnat. My IQ is somewhere above 10 points. I am binge watching your stupid show for goodness sake. Even if I weren’t, if your show was any bloody good I would remember what happened “Previously on…”. In fact, if it was so poor that I needed your annoying “Previously on…” reminder, I wouldn’t sodding watch any more of your show! Cut it out! 


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  1. hahahahaha..you crack me up.. it’s just too hot to go out nowadays isn’t it.. other than the malls during daytime! when i’m at home i’m watching tv as well..

    1. I am a big tv fan at the best of times, but the weather really helps my addiction!!!

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