Facebook Frustrations

I am not good in the mornings. My eyes may be open but it’s not a general indicator that all is well. It just means my eyes have decided that they are rested enough. My mind and body definitely do not agree with this 99% of the time.

My way of waking myself up is to look at my phone. I’m sure it’s terrible for me and will result in eyeball cancer or something, but it’s true. In the olden times, Mum had to talk me awake. Now my eyes talk me awake.

What do I look at, I hear you ask? (Yes, I have a vivid imagination.)

Well, Instagram just pisses me off as invariably there are a thousand photos of food that I want end can’t have. I don’t want to start the day with bad news, so that’s the news sites out. Twitter is too perky. Yes, that can be a thing. So that leaves Facebook.

Facebook is great when you have friends spread across the globe because it means that you can check any time of the day or night and someone has posted.

But… Facebook has changed drastically. I put my status up the other day as follows:

Not only did it get a flood of likes and stuff, but a bunch of people have spoken to me about it too. It’s seems the majority of people miss being able to easily see what there friends are doing without being inundated by adverts and suggested pages, and random crap.

Now, I am not saying that I never want to see anything that’s not a status update, a photo or a check in again, but what I would love is some way to filter that. Some days I would love just to have a quick scan and see what’s going on. Some days I want to read intelligent things or watch videos of cats being funny. Not so much the latter, but it beats the “causes pages where animal abuse is pushed into your face. That really upsets me.

I think this has really magnified recently due to all the Olympic coverage. You probably know now how I feel about the Olympics. If not, read the first para of this post!! But at the moment it seems that if anyone “likes” a post about a gold medal from any media outlet, then it turns up on my feed. Grr.

A friend of mine is currently trying out an application to block anything to do with the US presidential race. If it works, I have a feeling that whomever wrote it is about to make millions!!

Could be the most useful thing to hit Facebook since, well, Facebook!!

And, while I am on the subject of things about Facebook that annoy me, one of the major ones is it deciding what I see. Why can’t it just go in time/date order again? Why is it deciding what is most important for me? I don’t get it. You don’t know me or my brain. How do you know what it wants to see!?

Same goes for Instagram apparently. It’s putting things in an order it thinks is the best. I hate that.

Anyway… Apparently there are some mornings where my mind wakes as quickly as my eyes, and the words are just there jumbling and jostling to get out. On days like these, I write posts like these. I don’t publish them straight away in case I change my mind. But, the content pretty much stays the same. So, if you inwardly shudder at my mixed use of past and present tense in one sentence, or my spelling, then that’s why! Just thought you’d like to know!!!

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  1. Erica Mary Eleanor says:

    aww.. I am checking my email on my computer, usually it is my phone, so when I clicked over to your blog I can now see how it is a pretty pink 🙂

    I can’t stand facebook! I have erased mine. I did a few years ago then reopened to see if I could sell stuff on it but promptly erased it due to the fact that I hate all the crap on there.. and I agree it makes staying in touch with people so much easier if we are across the states or the world but I just couldn’t deal with the bullshit!!

    my main social media thing is pinterest. I can get lost on there for hours.. but it too is changing and throwing stupid ads and content it thinks I want to see.. super annoying..
    Besides pinterest right now I’ve been snapchatting it up to play with the filters with my kids 🙂

    1. I used to love pinterest, but I just lost too much time to it! For the safety of my job and my relationship I now stay well clear! Snapchat is fun and I am really entertaining myself with the filters! I don’t know if you saw that post or not 🙂

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