Salt by the Sea

Due to a rather late night gossiping, and then having to work all day (both of us – luckily Albert stayed on the couch for his!), we decided that a nice chilled out night was in order.

As you may have already read (here), his first night had been running about Dubai Mall and Downtown.  For the second night I wanted a contrast and so I put my poor little over tired brain into action, and came up with a genius plan!

Before that though there was a shooter…

I should have put on more make up!

And a quick pit stop to see Instagram’s famous kitty cats, George and Zeus!

Can you see the Burj in the background?!

George was bored of being papped that day so declined the photo op.  Zeus is a bit of a photo whore so was happy to oblige!!

After a couple of glasses of red, we headed out into the night and giggled our way through the prayers that the taxi driver would know where he was heading.  Turns out we were answered when we arrived at the beach in quick time – but within the speed limits and using indicators. I kid you not!!!!!!

I’ve not been down to Kite Beach for a good 2 years and that was on a date from hell.  The photo was a good 25yrs old, but he admitted to re-colouring it on photo-shop  to make it look more recent.  He had gained his original body weight, plus some.  And, his lovely head of hair wasn’t in existence any longer.  I literally made him show me his Tinder account when he was so insistent I was actually meant to be meeting him.

Anyway, I digress….

The nice taxi man dropped us at the sporty end of the beach.  There is volley ball courts, trampolines and a skateboard park.  None of which held any interest for us.  We took a couple of photos for you all to see (below), and then shuffled off to the food section which was a much more exciting prospect!

It was too hot to watch, let alone join in!
Bouncy, Bouncy!!
I have never understood skateboarding!

Only it wasn’t.  It looked pretty but I guess it’s still the summer so not very much was open.  Also, it was 9pm-ish and it seems that these places close kind of early.  Again, this could be a summer thing.  I am going to have to go back and investigate when the temperature cools down.

Far more ‘shop like’ than I imagined.
Need to remember to focus, but I get over excited sometimes!

The one place I had really wanted for Albert to try was Salt, which is a food truck that serves wagu burgers.  It was the ONE good thing to come out of that disastrous date!!

After ambling about and not finding it, I asked and it turns out its on the other end of the beach.  There was a nice bright light where we were meant to be and the guy reassured us we couldn’t get lost.

We didn’t.  We just got distracted!

Naturally we had to take a selfie in the ocean, which no one can see because it’s night time and the flash isn’t that awesome!

The water was lovely! Shame it can’t be seen!

There was also some traditional fishing boats which smelt like they were still regularly used.  I forgot to take a photo of that because it smelt bad!  Also, there was a little hut next to it and a man cooking fish on a home made bbq.  I couldn’t decide if I had found the little fish restaurant everyone raves about, or I had just walked through someone’s garden.  Something else to research at a later date.

Then, a couple more bouncy steps down the running track/path and we were at Salt!  Finally!

We’re here!

We naturally had to have a photo taken with the giant light sign before we did anything else.  To give you an idea, Albert is 6ft tall!

We had a good look around before we ordered, mainly beacuse we hadn’t a clue where to go.  It had grown rather a lot since disaster date, so we had an investigate, and found this lovely little miniature version of the restaurant.  Not to scale or exact but it’s really cute!

What do you call these little lay out thingies!?

After we had a walk about we noticed that really useful “order” sign outside the airstream caravan.  The queues of people were not a give away before you all start with your sarcastic voice!  You have to go to about 3 different places before your order is complete, so there!!

You order from the lovely silver caravan!

The menu is actually rather simplistic, but has a couple of surpises thrown in.  For example, I am going to have to go back some day and try the chicken cheetos.  It sounds disgusting so you know that I am probably going to love it!

Amazing menu! Simple but good!

Much as we were excited to try the food, we had by this point been walking around in the heat for a good couple of hours.  We were overjoyed when we spotted a table just being vacated, which had it’s own ac unit/fan!  It was a life saver.  It did make for some fun trying to take photos though!

Having aircon was the best part!!

So here you go… or order… we each had the original 2oz wagyu beef burgers, with a side of cheese fries.  It turns out that they are quite small but you at least get two per order.  I think in hindsight I would have ordered just one of the double patties and shared because that still would have been two burgers.

Food time!

The bread was lovely and soft, with a hint of sweet.  The balance of meat to cheese and toppings was just right, but I am a carnivore so again I would have preferred more meat.  Beautifully cooked and just tender.  There was no mess in your hands when you’d finished up.  Yum!!

As for the cheese fries…. there is liquid cheese and there is french fries.  Where could the bad possibly be?!  There wasn’t any bad.  It was amazing.  It was proper ‘dirty’ processed nacho type cheese that makes me want to dive in a vat of it face first.  It was so good that I contemplated actually licking the bowl.  I didn’t.  I don’t know how.

One little tip though is not to ask for extra salt or even bother picking up any little sachets.  The fries are very salted.  Nice, but literally on the boarder of too much.  That said, I am not a huge salt fan so maybe it’s my preference?  I will go again and try out this theory, because I am a selfless blogger who only wants to report well… or I am a greedy piglet who wants these again now I am typing about them again!!!

Arty Albert Type Photo!

All too soon our food had disappeared like magic and it was time to start the long journey home… well, to find a taxi.  Thankfully we discovered that between us we had quite a good sense of direction and ended up on the main road in record time!

It had been a bit of a random night that I had put together fairly last minute in my head, but it honestly was so much fun.  It’s not the easiest place to find but it is totally worth it.  It also is nice to be out of glitzy tourist Dubai, and pretend that you’re on a beach in somewhere like Durban (I’ve not been but apparently it had that feel!).

I’ll leave you with another photo of the amazing chips because they were so good and pretty!

One last pic of the cheese fries because they were obnoxiously good!!

Trust me on this though lovely readers, you really need to head to the beach and #FindSalt

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