Lunch at The Ivy? Why not!

One of the fun things to do for guests when they visit you in Dubai is take them to named restaurants.  The likes of Nobu and Haakasan are easy to get to and fairly affordable for a special treat.

The Ivy happens to be very close to where I work, and easy to get to in a taxi from the apartment. It was the perfect lunch spot choice, and the portions are massive which was needed as we wouldn’t have time for dinner before heading out.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

The Ivy Dubai is the sister restaurant to the ones in London and LA.  I can’t pretend that I’ve been to the other two, but I have a bit of a soft spot for our one.  It’s location in Emirates Towers means it’s a sure winner for post-work drinks and snacks when you can’t face the hustle of places DIFC.  It’s much more chilled out than the bars over there generally.

And he was worried he wouldn’t find it!!

Like I said earlier, I’ve not been to the LA or London versions of this restaurant, but I believe they all pretty much look the same.  Its a shame as I think “my” The Ivy is a comfortable place but not flashy and exciting.  The tables are beautifully laid out though and you do feel a bit special just because of the name!

Fresh roses on every table.

The menu all looks amazing.  Aside from the food allergy issues, there isn’t one dish on there I don’t want to try.  I am however a creature of habit so I always end up having one of two things….

Obligatory menu pic!

Its always either their fish and chips, or their burgers.  You’ve guessed it… it was time for more burgers!!

My “official” thinking was that Albert really should see the different types of foods you can get, depending on venue.  My actual thinking is that I couldn’t have managed to eat the whole fish and chips.  I know I would have tried and made myself overly full and uncomfortable!!!

I have to admit that The Ivy’s prices are steep at AED 125 per burger and another AED 20 for the cheese and AED 25 for the bacon.  But, who doesn’t want cheese and bacon on their burger when given the option?!

(A tip for South African travellers: the Rand is so weak at the moment and Dubai is an exensive place normally, that you should not convert back into your own currency in situations like this.  A burger costing approximately ZAR 700 will make your head spin!)

Arty Albert food photo!

But you know what, the burgers are good.  Really good.  They are thick and the quality of the meat is high.  It’s cooked exactly to your liking, and well, there is pork bacon and cheese!

The service though is excessively slow.  It’s the same in the evenings, but the difference is it makes you sit back and relax and enjoy your meal at a pace that you wouldn’t normally.  At lunch times however, ensure you have a good hour and a half.

One more for good measure!

All too soon it was time for me to go back to the office, and Albert to head back to his laptop and my couch.  It was very much worth the visit though and despite his momentary heart failure at the price, it was agreed that it really is one of the best burgers around.

It’s awesome having your best friend in the same country so you can just nip out and have lunch together!

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  1. Lol at ‘momentary heart failure’. I had the same when I ordered a glass of white here for an after work-event drink and when they handed me the card machine it said ’90 AED’. Hey I’m sure you’ve written about The Ivy before in the past… or did I read it somewhere else?

    1. Yeah… The grape beverages are quite expensive! I think I wrote about their ladies night before? I can’t remember now!! That’s a good deal though… AED 200 for 4 drinks and a 3 course meal!

      1. Ah yeah, that must be it. That is a good deal!!!

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