London Has Fallen

As you know, I don’t often post about anything that’s not food, but I feel like I should today.

The Boy came back from his recent trip ladened with DVD’s he’d picked up along the way.  I am more of a Netflix/Apple TV girl, but bless his little old fashioned heart, he still loves buying the DVDs and watching his collection grow.  It’s kind of cute really!

One of said DVD’s was London Has Fallen.  It’s the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, starring Gerard Butler and Arron Ekhart, amongst others.

If you’ve not seen either of these movies, a) do yourself a favour and watch Olympus followed quickly by London, and b) STOP READING NOW!!

Have a nice photo of Mr. Butler looking all broody and awesome to make sure you don’t read any further…

Right… now…

London Has Fallen scared the crap out of me.  I have never had that reaction to a movie before, because I purposely avoid things that will scare me.

I do love a good action adventure and edging into thriller territory, and have seen plenty of movies that go along the same lines as this one.  In fact, so many that I called what was going to happen a number of times.  That did not stop my heart from absolutely racing though.  I may even have had to have a cigarette break .

Ok, so the whole movie wasn’t too bad, but the opening 20 minutes or so really did shake me.

Why?  Well, because that’s my home city.  All the places I was seeing being bombed to hell and back, were places I had been.

The police uniforms which normally bring reassurance of help, suddenly turned into images of terror as you realised how far this particular terror group had infiltrated society.

What is truly scary is that it’s not so far fetched to imagine.  Not on this scale, obviously, but that there is a sleeper type terrorist who is currently working for the MET?  Yep… I can imagine that.  Do you not remember when they discovered that chap working at Heathrow?  Airport staff get put through just as rigorous screening as our emergency services, so it can happen.

But I digress.  This isn’t a post about the state of our country or potential lapses in security.  It’s about a movie. A great movie.

Like I said, formulaic because you know that Mike Banning  will save the day.  You know that the President will survive.  I guessed the major character who would die within the first few minutes.  I guessed the babies name too.

What I did like is that it was the SAS who came storming in to back up Mike.  Now, personally I think that a member of our SAS team would kick his ass in a one to one, but it’s an American movie so we had to have an American (slipping accent into Scottish at times) hero.  Much as he saved the day, he did it with our chaps and not because they had flown in a SWAT team from the US or something.

I’m babbling again.  I’m not a movie reviewer, rather someone who liked a movie and wanted to tell you all to go see it!

I’ll leave it there I think.  One more point though: I am still going into London when I am home over the holiday season, and nothing will stop me… Unless I hear that there is a full state funeral going on and all the worlds leaders are flying in for it, of course!!!


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