Continued… “Near The Top”

So, I totally forgot to add the photos that the official photographers took at the Burj Khalifa to my last post!

They obviously don’t see more than a boy and a girl being out together, so make you pose as you would with your significant other. We were howling.

I order to get copies of all the photos taken, we had to buy two prints. It’s a bit on the excessive side as it costs you AED 600 roughly. However, given how much it made us laugh having them taken, and again looking at them later on, it was worth it!

Here are a selection, because you don’t need to see all 19!! 

(Yes, my OCD is itching that there wasn’t just one more to make it a nice even number!!)

This was Albert’s favourite!  I don’t know why it’s small though.
Because we totally were there for NYE!!!
Squishing my poor friend!
Squishing and falling, and laughing so much!
Check our catalogue poses!!
This was my favourite! Although I don’t know why we are pointing to an apartment block!

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