Dubai Roast Dinner Diaries – Part 5

It’s been a little while since The Boy and I over indulged in a roast dinner at the weekend.  I blame the nice weather as we have spent more time at the beach or the pool. This weekend however, that changed…

My friend Justine has a Christmas time birthday, so before everyone scattered across the globe for the festive season, we got together for lunch to celebrate with her.  Her birthday, her choice and so she chose Reform Social & Grill in The Lakes.

I have to say, and with no over exaggeration or drama, this was the best roast dinner I’ve had outside my mother’s house and it is one of the best meals I have had in Dubai!!!!  Nope… I’m not kidding!  Nor have I been paid or coerced to say that!  Nor have I lost my mind!  It really was genuinely that good!  Can you not see how many exclamation points I’m using!!!!!

The menu looked all very delicious and I am sure it all was, but I have heard good things about this roast dinner so I wanted to give it a shot.  As did literally 9/10 of the ladies I was with!

The options for AED 115 is turkey (Christmas special), beef, pork (yes, pork!) and chicken.  I opted for the pork (which I know you’re all shocked to hear) and the turkey as for a little extra, you could have 2 meats.  I think its AED 145?  Then for a little extra again, you could have 3 meats.  About AED 160, I think.  To be honest I was too excited at the thought of a Christmas dinner with roasted pork added to listen to the financial side of things.  My brain was just screaming FEED MEEEEEEE!!!

What I didn’t realise is that you not only get two meats, but you also get an extra Yorkshire pudding AND extra veggies too.  Total roast dinner pig out heaven.  Not even I thought I would be able to manage 3 meats!!

And look:

How pretty is that?!

So, to recap: it is turkey and pork.  The stuffing was a sausage meat stuffing (although if you don’t have the pork it is chestnut stuffing).  There is 2 (yes, two!) Yorkshire Puddings.  Roast potatoes, roasted root vegetables, red cabbage and brussel sprouts.  There was also a sausage wrapped in bacon (does anyone NOT call them “pigs in blankets”?!) and some crackling too.

Now, onto the most serious part of a roast dinner… The Yorkshire Pudding.

Firstly, you get two (I may have mentioned that before?!) with your extra meat so they get a point for that.  However, what made this topple every other Dubai roast dinner that I have had is that the Yorkies were perfect!  They were light and fluffy, and doughy but crisp.  Just heaven.

So congratulations to the team at the Reform for having THE BEST ROAST DINNER IN DUBAI!!!!!!!

One of the girls had turkey and beef.


One of the girls just had pork on its own.


The Boy missed out on lunch as it was a girls thing, so ‘selflessly’ I bought us both back the following evening so he could sample the delights.

Whilst it was still incredibly tasty, they do have some issues with quality control.  The Yorkies were, very sadly, completely over cooked.  One was so crispy that I couldn’t eat it at all, and the second was ok once soaked in gravy to soften it a little.  I don’t really love gravy as it makes everything taste the same.  It made me sad.

Also, the beef isn’t great.  Its very thin and a bit fatty.  If you’re a roast beef dinner person then I would try one of the others I’ve written about.  If you like pork and turkey, this is the place for you!  Just keep everything crossed that it’s a good day for Yorkshire Puddings!

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  1. Justine says:

    Glad you enjoyed my birthday roast! xx

    1. Absolutely! I’m so pleased you picked it!!! Xx

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