Lunch Auditions

With the rapidly approaching closure of my favourite lunch spot, The Ivy, I have had to hold a series of auditions for my new favourite place.

And the winner is: La Cantine du Faubourg!

The venue itself is light and airy which makes for a lovely change. It’s all very trendy looking but thankfully not intimidating. Some of the staff however could use a little defrosting. Not all though.

As you would expect in a French restaurant, the bread they offer to start with is stunning. It’s all you can do not to ask the waif like waitress for more. Thankfully self preservation prevents this. I think any bread may be a syn in their world, so extra may be enough to get you ejected!!

I may have won some points back for my main course choice though; sea bass with black quinoa and a nage (I think – it’s been a few weeks!) sauce.

I have to say, this dish was utter perfection. Not only was it light but filling, it was tasty and beautiful. I literally have nothing bad to say about it.

La Cantine blah blah (no idea how to pronounce that last bit) has been in Emirates Towers for quite some time now. I just never made it that far. Now that I know it’s good – or rather how good the sea bass is, then I will be making this my new little treat place.

10/10 on the yummo scale!!

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  1. Hahaha, La Cantine blah blah blah indeed. I try to say it but just end up sounding like an idiot pretending to speak french/ be posh, lol! It’s like when I try to say croissant properly, heh. Saw your msg on my brunch post, good to see you’ve tried it out for lunch!! 🙂

    1. Totally with you on “croissant”, but I can still hear my French tutor in my head making me try!!! I honestly highly recommend the sea bass as a dish if you go back!

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