Merry Christmas!!!

I don’t go in for all this “seasons greetings” or “happy holidays’ bollox.  It’s Christmas and I’m excited!!

So much so, that I have changed the look of my blog for the next week!

Also, I have a beautiful real tree this year…

From Norway, don’t you know!!

The Boy, being as wonderful as he is, managed to have this one shipped over from Norway!  I have no idea how he managed it but am so thankful.  It’s absolutely stunning!

I also had a Christmas Party for the first time.  It was really rather fun so think I will do the same again next year.  Except I want a better oven so that I can bake properly.  I ‘cooked’ a few things (meaning, I bought stuff and heated it through) but that is not the same as actually baking and making things from scratch!

We didn’t do badly though.  These are the two tables before everyone arrived with even more food…

By the time everyone had arrived, there wasn’t an inch free on this table!

Nor any room on this table!  Pork and crisps, and cakes and a bit of veg to show willing!

(Actually, all the food wasn’t out at this point either, looking at it!)

And then, curtesy of Lakeland, there was some ridiculous photo taking too!

Elfie types!
My elf-friends!
Out of focus elves!
Girl band elves!

Wherever you are, and whatever your plans, I wish you a very merry Christmas!

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