Deliveroo vs UberEats

I have done extensive research on this topic over the last few days. My findings are as such:

1. Both have a much pared down menu selection for some places. If you call the restaurant directly then you get the full menu and no delivery charge.

2. They have similar restaurant selections, but both have a couple of different additional ones too. 

3. UberEats sends you a message at each stage. Deliveroo don’t. At least on my phone. That may have been at app set up stage though.

4. Both services have polite drivers.

5. Both services bring you food so you don’t have to cook.

In my opinion, they are both great and if you don’t have the apps then you should get them.

Unless you’re on a diet.

I am deleting mine now.


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  1. Good idea with the ‘delete’ approach lol 😀

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