Setting Goals

Do you have goals?  Not just for weight loss, but for other areas of your life?


I don’t.  I am not a planner.  I know that you will find that hard to believe when I am so OCD about planning shopping lists or vacation packing lists, or touristing lists, but I just have missed that gene that makes you want a 5yr plan.

I got all excited this week because finally, 4yrs after purchase, I got around to filling in my address book.  I don’t even plan properly to have peoples addresses in one place so I can send out cards or whatnot.

It’s actually one of my personality traits that I am not a fan of.  It’s lazy.  So, time to change.  I filled out the address book and had some really lovely conversations with people which I should do more often.

When it comes to weight loss I need to really set a goal.  Not just a long term goal, but more achievable milestones.  I know that when I say “I want to lose 6 stone”, it becomes unachievable in my head because it’s such a long way off.  So bite sized goals it is.

My first one I have decided is to lose 5lbs by Valentines Day.  It’s 2 weeks off and although I don’t expect to lose upward of 2lbs a week in general, I do for the first couple of weeks as a) I have just come off an epic binge, and b) I am motivated for the first couple of weeks always!!

So that’s my first goal.  I don’t know about any more after that.  I need to check the diary and see what other dates are coming up that I can pin things to.

The only other one is that I want to fit comfortably into my “fat jeans” by the end of February.  Having to wear my “extra fat jeans” if I want to sit for any legnth of time is just soul destroying.  I want my “skinny jeans” back in circulation by the summer!

3 pairs of jeans.  3 sizes.  6 months.

Fingers crossed.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. 6 babies!? How on earth do you find time to breath let alone do anything else?! Amazing! You’re amazing! Don’t let the negative side of your brain win. You’ve bought six children into the world. Your body needs time to adjust to that. You will get to where your body thinks is comfortable in it’s own time. Don’t pile any pressure onto yourself. Also, as a heads up, my “skinny jeans” aren’t actually skinny jeans. They are just jeans I fit into when I was at the slimmest point I’ve been since I was a teenager!!

  2. Erica Mary Eleanor says:

    After my 6th baby I don’t even wear jeans anymore 😦 my “fat” jeans are too small and I don’t have money to buy more anyway! Though honestly I’m not doing much to get in shape! 6 kids as a single mom means I don’t have a lot of free time! I get to check emails and catch up on blog posts on my phone while breastfeeding. I know eventually I’ll have more time as the baby grows so I’m content to wait a bit 😉 in reality I’m not too terribly fat! Just a bit squishier than I’d like and a bit rounder in the middle. My goal is to lose 20-30 lbs. but not just lose I want to gain muscle. I’m 5’4 and around 150lbs right now. Summer is good for that as we will be more active and can ride the bike again with the little in a trailer when it’s warmer out!

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