This explains a lot….

Yep, that’s right.  I quit smoking.  Not only that, but The Boy did too!

I do have to give him the most credit though.  He actively decided that enough was enough.  He was 40 and wanted to live to see his grandchildren.  So on New Year’s Eve he smoked his last cigarette and he hasn’t had another since.

Happy One Month Anniversary, my love!!  I’m so proud of you!!

My story is a little different….

I got sick.  I had the horrendous cold that is sweeping the UK.  It turned into sinusitis, and a chest and throat infection.  I pretty much spend the first two weeks of the new year in bed… apart from that ghastly flight that I came off deaf.  Never fly when you’re that ill.  It was very scary not being able to hear properly for nearly a week.

Then it was a case of why ruin the good work?!  I may not have meant to have quit but the hard bit was out of the way and so it seemed logical to carry on.

I think it’s been a bit easier in some ways because The Boy and I are in different countries.  We are terrible for each other some days!  If one of us had caved, we both would have done.

So whilst I am not as proud of me as I am The Boy because I accidentally quit and he actively did, I am very proud of me for getting through the stress of the last few weeks without a cigarette.  Moving house in Dubai makes moving in any other country look like a breeze, I swear.  I’ve done that all on my own (well, with The Boy’s support over Skype) on top of being rather poorly and having a full time job.

So, Happy One Month Anniversary to me too!

I would however like to take a moment to dispel some myths…

  • I never had a smokers cough or was short of breath, so that’s not changed.
  • I can’t taste or smell any better than before.
  • I don’t feel magically different and sparkly and healthy.
  • The cravings weren’t too bad for either of us.  It was mental more than physical.
  • I don’t have more money because smokes are cheap in Dubai!!!

We both fully intend to continue along our non-smoking path.  The real test will be on our first night out or day at the beach.  I think I will find that harder than he will.  Once he puts his mind to something, he really doesn’t waiver.  I generally fail at the boozey night out or the beach day.  Tanning and smoking apparently go hand in hand for me!

I have motivators though.  I don’t want to be a smoking bride.  I think it’s classless.  I also don’t want to be the woman who falls pregnant and then has to quit.  The nicotine and chemicals are already in the baby’s system already at that point.  I would also like to say that a wedding or a baby are not in my very near future!  It will happen and getting there without fighting cravings sounds like a much better deal to me!!

Lastly, I would like to say that if he and I can do it then you can too if you want to!  We have two of the most addictive personalities I’ve ever encountered!!

Wait… that was a lie… this is actually the last thing I want to say… Don’t let anyone else badger you into quitting.  I am not writing this as a lecture to any current smokers.  Nor am I trying to be one of those smug people who have quit and now think the world should.  I just simply want to celebrate this milestone and say that if you want to quit, it’s not as bad as you think – as long as YOU are the only person you are doing it for.  That is the most important part.

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  1. Thank you very much! I am actually still doing well. I’ve not missed it as much as I thought I would. One day my Grandchildren will be thankful that I quit when I did too. Well done to your Mom! 🙂

  2. Erica Mary Eleanor says:


    My mom started smoking when she was 12 and smoked through all of my childhood. I hated it! She tried quitting many times but finally was able to for good when I was around 20 (she was around 40), after my first baby was born. She wanted to be around a long time to see her grandkids grow! She has been smoke free for about 16 years now! Because I always dispised the smoke as a kid I never even tried it!

    Keep up the good work! You are wise to quit now before even thinking of having a baby yet!! ❤❤ good luck on this new endeavor as well!!

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