Ladies Night at Nezzas!

It’s been quite a while since I went to Nezesaussi Grill at the Manzil Hotel, Downtown.  At least 6 months, I’m sure.  Good news is that it’s still great!  Just thought I would let you know!!

(P.S.  Whilst googling how to spell this venue’s name, I have discovered there is one now in the Marina too.  I wonder if they have the same offers?  I will leave that for you to work out because the marina is faaaaaaar!)

I’ve got to work out how to take better menu pictures! Also, there is steak/salmon too.

The Tuesday Ladies Night offer still remains the same.  If you spend AED 50 on drinks then you have your main dish for free.  It’s a winner!  They have changed the options again though.  Instead of having one or two dishes to chose from like when they started, or the entire menu to chose from like in the summer last year, they now have a selection:

Oohhh… I forgot the coleslaw.  That’s good too!

Quite a good selection too.  I didn’t know what I should order! The diet was blown out the window already so I decided to have something other than the steak.  I didn’t want the ribs again (I know, right… I must be ill!.) and I didn’t fancy a burger either despite having seen them looking amazing before.

I was torn between the fish and chips, and the sausage and mash.  Fish and chips won.  It was an exceptionally good choice as it turns out.  The beer batter is crispy and perfect.  it was actually three fillets not just one.  I think two would have made a big serving, so three was just massive – not that I am complaining at all!

The chips sadly had braai seasoning on.  They apparently just put it on everything, but will leave it off for a special request.  I don’t think they should just put it on every order as standard.  They should reserve it for the meat dishes.  I actually left most of the chips because it just really doesn’t work for me with fish.  That’s when I was very thankful for the three fish fillets and the lovely fresh bread.

The only other thing is that it comes in a crate/box.  I am just not hipster enough to want fish and chips to come on anything other than a plate so I can devour it.  I don’t understand why?  Is it so that they give you get less chips?!  I had to decant one fillet at a time onto the side plate in order to be able to eat it properly!  I know that’s my strangeness taking over, but thought I would mention it in case anyone else is as odd as I am!

(Turns out that I am not the only one who feels like that.  Another friend of mine had to do the same when she ordered it for the first time.  She now flatly refuses to order it because they wouldn’t serve it on a plate for her when she wanted to try it again.)

The bar remains unchanged.  They have really friendly staff who a) know their menus and offers, and b) have spectacular memories and greet you back like you’re a good friend.  The bar itself is an eclectic mix of sports bar and gastro pub, with great music (and a jukebox!), frequented by every section of Dubai’s society I think.

My personal favourite of the night was the high flying career lady meeting her stay at home mum friend.  Both absolutely trashed, having a jolly little time (despite them never seeming to have the same conversation) and very confused as to why their food was free.  Honestly, it was the funniest thing I’ve heard in an age!!

Now I just have to work out if the correct shortening of this great bar is pronounced “Nezzas” or Nezzes”!!!

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  1. Justine says:

    Nezzes!! My steak was lovely but roasted veg could do with less oil!

    1. It did look a bit over dressed, but your steak looked beautiful!!

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